Quilt Market 101!

Quilt Market 101!

Nov 11th 2018

Don't worry, faithful followers, Mel is still doing the blog, I just had to send out a note, post Market!

What a trip! I had the pleasure of attending my very FIRST Quilt Market in Houston over the weekend--and boy, was it fun! Shop owners from all over the world were in attendance and being surrounded by all the inspiring projects and textiles left me energized and THRILLED for this upcoming year. Not only do I get to offer you, my awesome customers and friends, these new and exciting fabrics, but also get a chance to try new techniques that are truly innovative.

While at Market, I took photos with legendary artists and requested autographs for my book. I was so impressed by how humble and friendly they were when I approached them. Either that or they took pity on a girl who was giddy at the sight of them and bursting with excitement to be in their presence! Ha! Either way, it was a blast, and they were truly kind hearted folk!

It was my first trip ever to Houston as well. Staying downtown, I was able to experience the lively streets, outgoing residents, and busy neighborhoods. Murals were painted on so many buildings; all very different styles, but all very beautiful at the same time. They had outdoor tents that lined the walkway where artists were selling their goods. They had live bands playing every night with a vast array of music, it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! I heard everything from Spanish music, to Reggae, to Aerosmith!

Long story short....if you ever get a chance to visit either spring or fall festival---GO! If you get a chance to visit a new town--GO! We're only here for this one life and you want to experience every drop of excitement that you can. Don't wait for things to come to you---go get em for yourself!

Until next time, lovely quilters!

Rachel & Mel